The Invasion
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A few years ago German do - gooders took some of this Canadian gray gooses to our beloved home country. There are more than enough gray gooses in Canada, and a lot of them couldn´t find a new job, and so they joined radical political parties because of their frustration. Therefore they were discriminated more and more in Canada, but some of them found poltical asylum in our beloved country, in Germany


The pretty and congenial gooses enjoyed themselves a great social acceptance and popularity. They animated our parcs and pleasure grounds and became fast a well respected cultural enrichment of our local fauna - a very true example of a succesful integration in our society you cannot compare.

But the pleasure did´nt last for a long time. Namely the Canadian gray gooses proved to be fit to propagate themselves extremly explosively. This photo will offer the photographical proof:


And so you could noticed a clearly rising up animosity of our population against the Canadian gray gooses. More and more people demanded to deport the gooses to their homeland. They would had misused their right for asylum and would had only stuffed around all over the day at the expense of the German tax - payers and they could do nothing else more than f******.

The green red member of the parliament Frau Mathilde Miltenberger called during her speech to the New Year this critic to be a primitive right - wing demagogic cheap propaganda and a pure rightest animosity against foreign gooses. In reality the Canadian gray gooses were only been prosecuted because of their migration - background. The brave lady said: "I will protect the threatened Canadian gray gooses by risk of my life!" The romors about an alligated cultural foreign infiltration of our fauna by this gooses will only be horrible and pure racism!



By fact more and more German gooses abandon to brood their rising generation. Egostical self - realization, pure materialism and a false emancipation dogma let neglect a lot of German goose couples at the parentship totally at all.


The Christian socialistic politician Heinrich Geiselein lamentated that the number of the German gooses will decline to 53 millions up to the year of 2060. The financement of the old age´s pensions of old gooses will not be able to be secured any longer in future, because the necessary rising generation would be absense in order to pay the fees of the goose´s pensions - insurance. The average age of the German goose - population would rise more and more, the land would grew older and older.
...and slowly but surely

the German gooses will die out!!!

The favorisation of immigration of Canadian gray gooses would be therefore unalterable. A welcome - money of about 100,-- Euros for each of the immigrating Canadian gray goose would be more than a symbolic action. We should better welcome this gooses at our society and be good hosts and prove them that they are very welcome in our country, and that we want to share our lives with them.

But reviewers are warning: Most of the Candian gray gooses were only qualified professionally in an unsufficient way and couldn´t get jobs at the local labor market.
Already now about 40 % of the Canadian gray gooses living here had to go to the relief office.

Translation of the text: The goose has got the precedence of profit. Peace, labor, socialism!
DKP German Communistic Party

But even the protagonists of the immigration have to respect in the meanwhile that the Canadian gray gooses haven´t integrated themselves in a suffincient way at our society, instead of that parallel societies of Canadian gray gooses would have been established themselves what will be unwelcome by the governement.

Also the rising up criminality of some Canadian gray gooses is causing troubles. Indeed it is dealing only about smaller delicts in the most cases like the robbery of outing kits, but sometimes a harmless walker has been bitten in his calf.

But now rightest powers are misusing the excitement of the population in order to make public relation for temselves with their hostile intrigues against gooses. Succesfully: Here we can see a photo of the last big demonstration in Dortmund.

Let´s hope to find a solution which will make it be possible to find a peaceful solution to come together in future!